The company
Mission, Vision & History


Spectro Inlets was founded in November 2016 by a founding team of engineers from the Technical University of Denmark. The core technology, the microchip inlet system for mass spectrometers, was a result of 10 years research and development which we have subsequently commercialized and incorporated into our products.

Since the inception of the company, the microchip inlet technology has been commercialized the team has steadily grown as well while we have commercialized the microchip technology, carried out the first initial prototype sales to research facilities. In 2018, we completed the EC-MS, a turnkey analytical instrument used for electrochemical studies. Sales of this instrument have steadily increased since then.

Besides providing analytical instruments, the company has started pilot projects in utilizing the technology for biogas and wastewater applications and we plan to carry out a commercial launch of an industrial sensor version of the measurement instrument within 2020.


We provide real-time and accurate measurement solutions to optimize environmental and chemical processes to achieve a greener, cleaner world.

High sensitivity and dynamic range


Making mass spectrometry accessible to everyone for any test environment.