Dosing of reactant gases

Working principle of the membrane microchip during a gas exchange event. Different gases can be flown through the chip and used to saturate the electrolyte. Because the liquid volume is small, equilibration with the make-up gas is near-instantaneous.

Figure 6. Schematic representation of a CO gas pulse sent via the gas exchange system.

An accurately calibrated on-chip gas system allows rapid gas switching between up to 4 different gases. The system is compatible with 6.0 gases, and a 6.0 purity level is achieved during each pulse within seconds. Pulses or trains of pulses of different gases ban be programmed by the user.

Due to fast equilibration of the make-up gas with the small electrolyte volume, the chosen gas saturates the electrolyte immediately. Therefore, in stagnant configuration, there is no need to bubble gases in an external reservoir of electrolyte to pre-saturate it.ngs.