About our technology

Beyond bare potentiostatic data: get the broader picture of electrochemistry with the Spectro inlets EC-MS system. A unique instrument for high-sensitivity time-resolved detection of volatile electrochemistry products directly from a liquid electrolyte. This instrument is optimized for half-cell investigations, i.e. it allows the user to decouple the evolution of volatile products and consumption of reactants at the working and counter electrodes during electrochemical reactions. Due to its extraordinary sensitivity, the system can measure all the individual volatile molecules desorbing from an electrode surface during a single electrochemical turnover. Product formation can be measured from total Faradaic currents of 1 mA all the way down to 1 nA, corresponding to approximately 10 ppm of a monolayer desorbing from the electrode surface in 1s. These features enable time-resolved, fully quantitative measurements of transient phenomena during electrochemistry, providing fundamental insight in the electrochemical reaction mechanisms.

The compact, tabletop instrument fits comfortably on standard laboratory tables. Upon installation, it operates straight out of the package with the embedded, fully functional 3-electrode EC cell and Bio-Logic SP-200 potentiostat.