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25th Topical Meeting

Join us at the 25th Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) in Toledo (Spain) on May 12-15. We will be showcasing the Spectro Inlets EC-MS system at our exhibition booth. Come and try the running system! On Tuesday 14th May Filippo Cavalca and Daniel Trimarco from Spectro Inlets will give two scientific...

Delivery of EC-MS analysis instrument

We are excited to announce the delivery of the first fully fledged electrochemistry-mass spectroscopy (EC-MS) analysis instrument to a research institution in the Netherlands. The analysis instrument features our breakthrough microchip membrane inlet, a standardized sample holder, characteristic fast time-response and high sensitivity, as well as...

EC-MS data

H2 evolution and CO stripping experiments using a 5 mm polycrystalline Pt electrode in 1M HClO4.

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