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Application & technical notes

Technical note #1 

Gas Pulses 

Technical note #2 

Benchmark Measurement 

Technical note #3 

Potentiostat instability 

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Technical note #5

Tuning of the QMS 

Technical note #6 

Air-free transfer from glovebox 

Technical note #7 

Soft ionization 

Data analysis code

We recommend the Spectro Inlets co-developed open-source package ixdat for data analysis. The ixdat package features easy data access and power plotting and analysis tools for combined techniques, such as ECMS. ixdat will get you up to speed on your ECMS data treatment in no time. The documentation for the package can be found here:

Below is an example of how we use the package for the treatment of EC-MS data to generate the figures in our application notes:


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Illustration of the unique EC-MS microchip-based inlet at Spectro Inlets
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Illustration of the unique EC-MS microchip-based inlet at Spectro Inlets

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