smart inline data collection

Would you like to automate and digitalize your industrial process monitoring?

The Spectro Inlets Liquid-Gas-Analyser (LGA) is an inline solution that offers valuable real-time data on dissolved gases and volatiles in production processes. The durable design allows for implementations in rough environments such as wastewater treatment and biogas production monitoring.

Ready to perform out of the box, the system is controlled by a powerful software suite allowing remote monitoring and online data collection from a single integrated graphical user interface.

Benefits: In-Line MS

  • Call from process engineer
  • Avoid breakdowns

These include, among others, H2, CH4, NH3, N2, O2, H2S, N2O, NO2, EtOH, and light VFA’s (e.g., formic acid).

  • Weekly reports
  • Evaluate organic loading
  • Optimize production

Providing Insights to Bio-Manufacturing

Wide range of detectable compounds – simple addition of new compounds of interest

Any dissolved gas and compounds with vapor pressure can be detected and monitored. These include H2, CH4, NH3, N2, O2, H2S, N2O, NO2, EtOH, and light VFAs (e.g., formic acid). The quantitative analysis ranges from ppm levels to 100% analyte concentration. Once the system is set up, detection of additional compounds can be done without changing the hardware.


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Product description

The LGA incorporates our unique microchip inlet technology with a vacuum and gas-handling system and a mass spectrometer to deliver direct real-time measurements in liquid environments.

The technology is encapsulated with a robust shell, protecting any vulnerable parts. The product comes with a full software solution, allowing process engineers to remotely monitor data with access anytime. In addition, the system can be set up with an e-mail notification service to avoid breakdowns in the production process.

Online data collection


Simultaneous tracking of multiple gas compounds

The analysis system can measure and track the dissolved gas levels of multiple gas compounds and volatiles simultaneously. Data is collected every 5 seconds. The system can detect small concentrations (e.g., <0.001 mg/L  of H2) up to full saturation.

Easy integration and low maintenance

The system is designed to be attached to standard DIN flanges directly on pipes or tanks (DIN 80 or larger). Working pressures up to 4 bars and temperatures up to 80°C (higher application temperature is possible on request) make the system compatible with a variety of processes. The same system can be used for both liquid phase measurements and for analyzing effluent gases. Routine maintenance is expected once every two years and can be made in the field, creating high uptime and a continuous data stream.

Direct upload to SCADA

Data is directly uploaded via PLC to your SCADA system of choice. The data is easily used for industrial control using, e.g., set points. Additionally, a full copy of the data is uploaded to the cloud for backup.

Self-cleaning detector withstands harsh environments  -> see more

The wetted components are surface treated and made of chemically resistant materials such as stainless steel 316 and SiO2, meaning that they can withstand the harsh chemical environment of a fermentation liquid even in biogas production. Robustness tests have shown no biofilm growths (>3 weeks immersion in biomass liquid). Furthermore, the inlet system is self-cleaning, meaning that in case of any dry material being stuck to the surface can be removed by bubbling gas through the inlet system without stopping the reactor or the flow in the pipe it is attached to.

Technical specifications

  • Size: 35 x 50 x 35 cm
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Mounting: DN100 or DN80
  • Temperature: -5ºC to 40ºC
  • Liquids: 2-11 pH, 2-90ºC, 0-20% dry
  • Input: Ethernet (internet), 230AC 5A
  • Data output: Profibus/net/modbus to PLC
  • Service: 1x annually